Useful webpages

       This week I have found some interesting webpages and thought it would be a good idea to post about them. They contain a lot of information about important dates in United States. What they use to do, eat, sing even poems to print and suggestions for presents.

  1. The holidays spot:

        It is a guide for events and holidays where you can find everything. There is a calendar with all holidays round year and it notifies upcoming events. Nowadays united states is going through the Oktoberfest’s, a festival that won’t finish until October the 5th.Drinking beer is the principal activity of this celebration that started two centuries ago in Germany and now is celebrated by some people on this location.

        In the section of favorites there are the most popular events. I liked specially the explanation of Christmas that contains some videos of the celebration in New York City. It also includes some delicious recipes that will surprise your family in these lovely days and a lot of ideas for personalized gifts, parties, decorations… etc.

        For the most romantic people you can easily find something sweet to say to your lovers by clicking on the word valentine’s day. One example is the 100 reasons why I love you. For the friendship day you can plan out a wonderful day or send an email greeting card. These and a lot more is available on the webpage which I absolutely recommend.

  1. Time and date calendar

        For the most organized people this webpage offers the opportunity of creating a personal calendar.  It is a webpage in which you can get information about the weather, local time and other many interesting things in any country around the world. It contains this calendar that I have mention and that I think will be really useful for people interested in special events. You can select your country, in this case united states and personalized the whole calendar. There will appear the different events and the explanations of them, what they usually do depending of the country you selected.

For more information about this topic see major hollidays and festivals in America.

Ana Jordán Sanz


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