Guatemala “ land of culture, soul of the world”

The heart of the mayan culture Guatemala is a beautiful country located in Central America. Known for its multiple cultures within the small country. We have 22 different language but the official language is the spanish. The mayan culture`s heart is located in Peten, in the north of Guatemala; Antigua is located on central Guatemala; somehow we end up having the most beautiful places and cultures of the world. My goal is to remind people not to always trust in what the tv or the press say, because I know how bad they talk about Guatemala, of hoy dangerous it is, and how the tourists are treated, but guess what, they are wrong. I’m not going to lie and say that there is no insecurity becuase there is for us, the locals, but it shouldn’t stop people from going and seeing for themselves what they here. I can Catedral de Antigua (2)promise you that it is not thecase at least you go to the guettos of Guatemala and expect to get out with your phone. That is the point for this blog to let know the people how different and pretty is the world out there. I choose this theme because it is really important to stay connected in a certain way to the country were you come from even though I am so far from Guatemala. Guatemala gave me life,gave me friends, gave me health, education so this is my Little help back to change the prejudices that everyone has. Guatemala is more than my country, my home; and mi casa es tu casa, Whenever you wish to come don’t feel shy to contact me and I will give you a tour. We need to break the bubble in wich we live and search for new adventures around the world. SONY DSC by: Ana Isabel Garcia photography property of Ana Isabel Garcia


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