Citizens of the World was chosen by our group because we found it interesting that even though we all come from different places with completely different lives, we all found each other in one same place sharing our stories. In our group we are almost all from separate countries, so we decided to share what we knew, loved and disliked about the various places we have lived in.


I am from Caracas, Venezuela.  A born and raised Venezuelan city girl. Later in my life, due to the political situation in the country, my family and I had to leave in order to find quality life. We moved to the United States, North Carolina where I became a teenage country girl. When we moved there it seemed outrageous to me that people did not know where Venezuela even was located. To them, anyone who spoke spanish was from Mexico, no other Latin American country existed. Call it ignorance or call it conformity, awareness of what happens around us is very essential to understand the happenings of the world.

This blog was made with the idea that we can open the eyes of those that are not aware of the unimaginable things the world has in store. We are hopeful that with our stories, we can inspire and show people what this life has to offer. Even though there are many things to know about every single country in existence, there is one thing that makes each place their own: culture. Understanding culture is understanding tradition and understanding tradition is understanding origin.

When an event causes a whole town to come together, it does not happen from one day to another, there is a real story behind it and as time goes on, that story makes history. Many public events are celebrated because of a changing point in the country’s history having to do with politics, government or the lives of significant and memorable people. In the events there are usually typical foods, dances and traditional dress of the specific place.  In this way, by simply understanding an event, you can capture much of a country’s history.

It is about getting close to people and showing a desire to learn the challenges each different society has been faced with and discovering new ways to overcome conditions facing our humanity. If you understand the importance of diverse cultural knowledge, grow in love for different cultures and learn about the history of different places, you become a citizen of the world.

Written by: Iraida Bethencourt Graterón


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