I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, where I lived 18 years of my life after moving to Spain for my University Studies. El Salvador is a small country in Central America and it is one of the smallest of the whole continent with only 21,000 square kilometers and a population of 6.2 million people.

When I moved to study abroad in Spain I noticed that many people doesn´t know much about my country and its culture. Citizens

The Citizens of the World blog has the main purpose of giving acknowledgement to all the main cultural events on my country and how they are held.

The major part of the festivities held in El Salvador are about the saints which represent each department of the country and are held on that specific department, other events are, for example, the Day of All Souls (Dia de los Fieles Difuntos in Spanish) and the Independence day, which is one of the most important, obviously.

In this blog I will talk about the cultural importance and significance. Also I will explain in what places they are celebrated and why, and also, which of them I, personally, like the most.

Show things about my country to people who doesn´t know its one of the things I enjoy the most, as well as learning from others, like a good citizen of the world.

Fernando Gonzalez.


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