After a long time trying to find a topic, my group and I decided to make the blog about different celebrations that offer countries around the world. We thought that it could be a great idea because most of us have different nationalities. Then came the most difficult part for me.

I’m from Spain but I didn’t want to be the one in charge of the country because one of my friends could say more than I about it. I thought about Italy because I have been there this summer and I loved it. I visited Venice, Florence, Roma and Pisa. These cities full of romanticism would give me a lot to write about. Their culture is something special and at the same time similar to the one of Spain, even the language is understandable for me. The problem was that I have never been in any of their celebrations or traditional events, so writing about them was not such a good idea.

I choose United States, the country in which I have spent the best holidays of my life. I have visited six states and been living there with two different host families. I know how they usually celebrate important events such as 4th of July, Christmas, Easter..etc.

I find Americans way of life really interesting. They are so patriotic, always singing their hymn and hanging flags on their houses. It makes you love their country too. The people there is so open-minded, when they have a guest always make him feel as if he were part of the family, even the neighbors are really nice. The food is not very elaborate but is really good, they have a huge variety of things that we have never seen in Europe. It’s great to taste new flavors.

I have a lot of reasons for choosing United States, I like it but more over I have been living there so I can write about my own experiences

Ana Jordán Sanz


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