mini4 So many traditions; all in the same country, Guatemala. With twenty two different cultures, there are at least 70 traditions. It`s ironic that a small country like Guatemala, half the size of Mexico, has a lot of cultural diversity; No one could imagine this. So many colors, food, smells; usually the older women are the ones in charge of cooking for the town`s gathering, because for this special dates the tradition is to gather in one house or in the central 1000004_489919334436140_1574653872_npark to eat, drink and talk. The women gather and cook for everyone who`s coming, this food that they cook is the typical guatemalan food. By tipical I mean food like beans, corn tortillas, tamales, tacos, meat but specially “ El Fiambre” 1st of November is one of the most important traditions for Guatemalan culture. People also called it: “ Barriletes gigantes”, “ Dia del Fiambre”, “ Dia de los Muertos”, ” Día de los Santos” . It started because the cristians celebrate the death of their beloved ones, Guatemalan people take this really serious. It is said that bad spirits come to the cementeries during this time, sounds are heard , people get scared randomly. But the most important reason is that indian feel closer to the diseased when they put up high the kite runners, it’s a way for them to send a ” message” to the skype, something they didn’t have the opportunity to say, something they wish to send or say. A way to say good bye and let go. The kite runners became really famous in the whole country because of their size, they`re giant kite runners.  At least fifteen men have to set them up in the sky. It is an art to watch them, this tradition takes place in Sumpango, located 1 hour outside the city; cementeries are full of people, locals and touristsn it lasts around 6 hours meanwhile they finish the kite runners and set them to fly. Once they are in the sky, some judges come watch them, see which ones fly better, which ones are more creative, and also wich ones the audience like the most. and at the end of the day when the kites are left to fly away they choose one winner from them all.Barriletes-Gigantes-de-Sumpango1 After the ceremony of the kites each family goes to their home and eat the famous ” fiambre”; at first sight it might seem ugly but it is the most delicious food in Guatemala, it is one of my favorite dishes. My mother has a recepie that came all the way from her great grand-mother, and from generation to generation we have all learned to do it. It`s not only delicious but it is also real pretty with a los of colors and shaped, textures. When you have the opportunity you should not only come to watch the amazing ceremony of the kites but also to try the fiambre, and you will understand when I say that it is amazing. Fiambre-Miguelssm. By: Ana Isabel Garcia Rodas Photograph copyright © Ana Isabel Garcia Rodas.


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