All Souls Day!

As I said before, this blog is purposed mainly to show to you about the culture of my country, El Salvador. There is a broad amount of celebrations in El Salvador, some of them are celebrated in the whole country and some others are celebrated in some parts which are related to the celebration.
For example, there is one celebration called The San Miguel Carnival. This celebration is the festivity of San Miguel, one of the 14 departments of my country, and is only celebrated on that specific department.
On the other hand, there is one of the most important festivities in El Salvador and, in fact, is celebrated in the whole country. This festivity is called the All Souls Day, in spanish “Dia de los Santos Difuntos”, which I mentioned in my last post and I’d like to talk about it on this one.
Personally this is one of my favorite festivities in my country, and my favorites are not many. This festivity consists in visiting the graves of the deceased family in the cemeteries where they are buried, and prey for they souls. My family’s tradition is to visit the Santa Ana general cemetery. Santa Ana is another one of the 14 departments and it is a 45 minutes trip in car. After visiting all the graves and praying for all family, we have the tradition to go to my aunt’s house to have some food, and here comes one of the reasons why I like a lot this festivity, apart of being together in family, is the food, oh yes, that glorious kind of typical food you eat once a year, and it’s amazing. One of this one time a year snacks that I like the most are ojuelas. This candies are corn flakes in the form of thick rings covered in syrup, I just got hungry just thinking about them.

So, in conclusion, All Souls Day is one festivity that I like a lot between my favorites. Family, friends, delicious food, all together are the perfect combination for having a good time in El Salvador.

Fernando Gonzalez.

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