2952.story_x_largeThere is not only one blog talking about Guatemala or Guatemalan traditions, if you are interested on learning more about our culture, I welcome you to review this blogs or websites to inform you.

“Guate en 360º”

Guate en 360º is a blog that talks and explains many traditions, recipes, common guatemalan words; it will lead you to many other blogs of the same toipic as well.  It is not specific with one tradición only, but it has many traditions explained in a general way, explaining superficially what each one is about and its importance to the country.

” Moving around Guatemala”

From the city to the outside`s little towns around Guatemala. Many places and each one with their own culture and unique traditions. this website talks about 4 diferente towns: Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Totonicapan and Huehuetenango, so you will not only learn about the city but from different places and cultures.


” Turansa”

Do you know the specific dates for this traditions I have talked about? I guess you don’t but don`t worry, because this link will tell you the most important festivities and when they are celebrated. It will also talk a little bit more about each one of them explaining the general idea of each one of them. It also has some help in case you decide to travel here and see what I have talked about and undertand better. Some tours, the most interesting tour of Guatemala, are also posted here so you can check them and see what a beautiful country this is.

” Inguat”

Inguat is the principle website for the tourism in Guatemala. It is managed by the government and the minister of tourism. Their purpose is to teach people around the world, show them how pretty it is, tell the world Guatemala is not only the bad thing the media talks about. It has different categories: What the website is about, touristic help, contact number or email, news from Guatemala, and many other things. 42764329_sanjoseguatemala416 Well thank you for joining us one more week in citizens of the world, we hope you like this week posts and I reccomend you to start thinking on your next trip. photographs by : Fernando Garcia Ana Isabel Garcia


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