There are many websites that describe Venezuelan culture and their festivals but there are a few main ones that not only tell the reader what the culture is but why it is that way considering the people, government and even climate within it. Most of the sources about Venezuela talk about its political situation and struggles in the modern times. I have picked three main sources that talk about culture but do not ignore the present corrupted political situation so some of them may include some political background. I have added this because it is crucial to understand the countries happenings in order to appreciate what goes on within it. These are the three main sources I found most helpful:

1. Every Culture, Venezuela

This website covers a lot of what Venezuelan culture is about. It not only talks about the normal tradition and cultures but covers much of what happens in the country overall. This is very useful because it can explain why certain things are done and also because the website is formatted in a very simple way. The explanations are short, simple and are able to cover the most important events happening in the country.

2. Information Venezuela

This is a website that contains fourteen pages of historical background and traditions that have been going for years. This website should be read by those who really want to gain a deep understanding of Venezuelan history. As I said in my first post, understanding history is understanding tradition, so it is important to also follow up on what has been happening in a country from its foundation to the modern time. Whoever wants to go deeper into political history and understand the Venezuelan culture through it should visit this website.

3. Culture and Tradition 

The last two sources have covered both cultural and historical background, but this one is focused solely on what events happen in Venezuela, when and why. It is a very nice website to visit in order to figure out very fast what an event is about and how it is usually celebrated. It even has pictures to show what it looks like to be in the middle of a Venezuelan event. It offers in specific: festivals, feasts and carnivals for each month.

I hope you enjoy reading these websites that will give you a deeper insight not only to the culture and events, but the reasoning and history behind them. Enjoy!


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