Among all the different traditions and festivals that Spain has “Las Fallas” are one of the most important and famous of the country. This festival, that takes place in Valencia and lasts from the 1st of March to the 20th, completely transforms the city. Everything starts with the mascletá, a noisy display of firework that takes place every day since the first of March to the 20th on the Town Hall Square at 2p.m., then, the night of the 15th of march more than 700 fallas (gigant statues made of poliespan) are put around all the streets of the city, on the act known as plantà. This giant statues can reach up to 20 meters high and most of them are satirical representations and caricatures criticizing politicians, celebrities or expressing the most relevant events or news that had taken place through the year.


Owned by Bungalows Club

However, the most important event on this festival is the cremà. On the night of the 15th of March, the whole city turns into an explosion of color and music when all the fallas, except one selected by popular vote, are burned at the same time in the street that they have been exposed in. The falla that “saves” from burning is sent to the Fallero Museum, where all the fallas that citizens have been selected through the years are exposed.

This festivity has its origins on the ancient tradition of the carpenters of the city who, the previous day of their patron (Saint Joshua), used to burn all the old and useless things on their workshops right in front of their shops or on the public squares. This tradition started to change, and, little by little the rest of the citizens started to participate putting into it their social-criticism point of view, but always on an ironic and funny way.

Edurne Larumbe


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