Fourth of July

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Hi everyone!! This week im posting about a really important day on United States. As most of the people around the world know, the citizens of the USA are very patriotic. They love their country and that’s the reason why they make a huge party on July the 4th. Every single year in this date they celebrate their independence from Great Britain, the freedom of the whole nation. Because of that this day is also known as the Independence Day, when Americans commemorate the declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

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I remember been in this federal holiday twice. The first time was in California, on a big city called Lancaster, an hour far from Los Angeles. The host family I was with woke me up in the morning. We made a cake with the colors of the flag and we went with it to a neighbor’s house to have lunch. We spent the day in their pool, there was plenty of food. Each member of the party was supposed to bring something. We made a barbeque and ate lots of burgers and hot dogs. At 20:00 we leaved the house, the best part of the day was coming. They took me to a rodeo. We watch de show and the fireworks, something really common in this day. The second time was on the state of Texas. I was doing an exchange with a really good friend. In the morning we went to a concert in which everyone sang the hymn of United States. After that we went to a barbeque with her family and then she took me with her friends to a lake in The Woodlands, a beautiful neighborhood with a lot of vegetation. We watch the fireworks from a boat and we spend the night driving it. These are just two examples of a common 4th of July for a citizen of United States. There is a great variety of plans for this day. Some people could go to baseball games or to grillingparks but what they all do is to sing and raise their flag proudly.

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