Other Sources

So today it will different. I will let you know about some of the best sources, apart for this one obviously, to know more about the culture of my country, El Salvador. This websites are mainly aimed to let know how festivities and other cultural traditions in El Salvador are realized, and also where they are realized.


Suchitoto is one of the most famous and important towns in El Salvador because of it´s history and touristic attraction. this website is dedicated completely to explain the importance of this town and to give an idea about the events that are made on there. It also shares part of their story, culture, traditions and festivals, and other important facts of the town such as their hymn and the story of the town´s shield.

Tourism in El Salvador

Tourism is one of the most important resources that my country has. In fact, El Salvador is a very beautiful country, and the touristic points are the most beautiful ones. This website will guide you through the best places in El Salvador, explaining about the importance, history, and best things to do there in relation to the traditions in El Salvador, and also how to get to these places.

Fernando Gonzalez

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