The word “ Tecún Umán” comes from Quiché, wich is located in the northoccident part of Guatemala. They talk a language called k`iche`. Great warrior  and last mandatarium of the mayan quiches. During the conquer pf spain in Guatemala Tecún was defeated by Pedro de Alvarado in the valley of “El Pinal”.

NATIONAL HERO 6050134902_746d52d8da_b

It is considered the most representative of the K’iche ‘for his bravery and dignity because he fought and protected his land and his people. It was officially declared a national hero of Guatemala on March 22, 1960 and is commemorated on February 20, the anniversary of his death. Wearing a headdress adorned with feathers beautifully Quetzal. This is described by the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado in his chronicles of conquest and this was the basis for which he was awarded subsequently the name of Quetzaltenango city founded by the Spaniards near the site of the battle, as mentioned by the Conqueror in his letters.

The story about the battle of the Quiche prince against the Spanish invasion suffered a mystification, the legend of the hero quiche that after resisting it fiercely troops in Xelajú Alvarado Spanish conquistador  met face to face in battle himself with Pedro de Alvarado. Tecun Uman thrust his spear into the horse’s chest. Tecun, after getting killed with a sword steel  chieftain at heart. The legend tells that a Quetzal landed on his blood and there is red on the bird’s chest. The “myth” grew over 400 years of colonization and was hailed as a symbol of liberty for conspiracy to independence.

Tecun Uman is know the face of the spanish war against the mayans, fighting for territory and empire. It is so important that they named a town near Mexico with his name and different sculptures are located all arouend the country. Usually in the 20th of february in schools little kids do th penacho that he wore, made with the quetzal feather but made with fake feathers, and here is a show representing the battle.



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