Jorge “Mágico” González

Born in El Salvador, in March 1958, Jorge “Mágico” Gonzalez is a Salvadorian famous footballer. Magico Gonzalez began his career in the year 1975 playing for a Salvadorian football club called ANTEL. because of his talent, Mágico Gonzalez is one of the most important personalities of El Salvador. He does not have a day to commemorate his talent or his achievements, but we as Salvadorians recognize him for having show the name of his country with his talent playing football.

Football in all around the world can be considered as a culture. It is one of the greatest sports in the world followed by such an incredible amount of people. Mágico González shows what is, for him, the significance of playing football with passion.

Because of his success driving El Salvador´s national football team head to the 1982 World Cup in Spain, being one of the few times El Salvador could classify to a world cup. El Salvador´s team protagonist on that world cup was not very good, the team got terribly defeated by the Hungary team, humiliating it. But Mágico didn’t drop his head down and by showing his good performance on the team even though they lost, he got the attention of great Spanish football teams such as Atlético de Madrid and Cádiz. He also played with FC Barcelona in a tour in the USA.

Jorge “Magico” Gonzalez became a great symbolic figure for El Salvador thanks for its international success, despite for his internal life problems. He got his name on one of the larges football stadiums in El Salvador as a monument.

Magico gnzalez


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