During the more than three thousand years that Spain has, a lot of prominent characters have passed through its lands. This country has given birth to plenty of historians, politicians, writers, kings and philosophers that have made Spain the country that it is now, that is why choosing one of them is a really difficult task as each of them deserves a post for their own.

However one of the most important characters on Spain’s recent history is Adolfo Suarez, he was a key character on the Spanish transition, the process in which the country turned from a dictatorial country to a democratic one. Born in Cerberos (Avila) the 25th of September of 1932, he entered into the low school of Salamanca and on 1955 he already had his first job as a lawyer. Then, a couple of years later he got the doctorate in law by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Franco (owned by forum por la memoria)

Franco (owned by forum por la memoria)

At that time Spain was under a dictatorial regime carried by the General Francisco Franco, but, when he died the 20th of November of 1975, the king of Spain Juan Carlos I took the power and asked Adolfo to be the president until a new constitution had been redacted and democratic elections had taken place.

Spanish Constitution (Owned by wikisource)

Spanish Constitution (Owned by wikisource)

His task was not easy; he had to convince all the political parties that were starting to proliferate -with very different ideas- to sign the constitution in order to create a democratic country.

Adolfo Suarez does not have a certain festivity to celebrate his achievements, but he indeed was one of the fathers of Spain´s actual constitution, so we can say that the 6 of December, the day in which we celebrate its proclamation, is also his day. Also, I considered important to dedicate this post to him as he passed out this year (the 23th of March) and he is one of them most important characters of Spain´s recent history.



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