• 1. Guatemala means the “land of Trees” in a Mayan tongue. It still has the largest protected tree reserves in all of Central America
  • 2. The official Language of Guatemala is Spanish. However there are still many native tribes that speak their native tongue
  • 3. The official CURRENCY of Guatemala is the Quetzal. There are many money exchanges that you can get great deals from as you cross the border. Also any major bank will trade for local currency but the US dollar is accepted there.
  • 4. The Capitol city of Guatemala is Guatemala City. The City has over 5 million residents making it one of the most populated cities in Guatemala
  • 5. Guatemala has the largest collection of UNESCO heritage sites in Latin America, Antiguan, Archeological Park, the ruins of Quirigua, and the National Park of Tikal
  • 6. The highest mountain in Guatemala is the Tajamulco volcano it has an altitude above 4500 meters or 14000 ft.
  • 7. The national flag of Guatemala with two separate blue strips and a national coat of arms in the middle the strips represent two bodies of water. The national coat of arms is in respect to the first official leaders of Guatemala.
  • 8. There are about 21 different varieties of original Mayan languages still spoken in Guatemala today. With such a large language gap many of the papers needed for business are translated regularly.
  • 9. Guatemala is ground zero for chocolate they invented the first chocolate bar during Mayan Times
  • 10. Guatemala is where Blue Denim was created for the first time aka BLUE JEANS. They soon became an international hit with Levis and other companies taken notices
  • 11. The Mayan culture was rich in MATHEMATICAL computations they first created the concept of Zero. The concept of zero was foreign to many advanced cultures in mathematics. Many archeologist think that ancient cultures shared a common mathematical teacher and are still unsure where they get it.
  • 12. There is of course modern legend that Mayan babies don’t cry. Where this legend cam was that every baby born was a warrior.
  • 13. Guatemala is the largest and most populous Latin America country. Many of the people living in Guatemala are poor rural farmers. The government is establishing many polices and procedure to improve the living standards of many people

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