“La Quema del Diablo” is a magical – religious celebration Guatemalan . Its origin seems to be much more legendary than real and is based in Concepción party . It takes place every December 7 , at 18 am .


Since this date is exactly nine months of memorial Birth of the Virgin Mary and coincides with the celebration of the advent of the birth of Christ in a spiritual clean that through the trash symbol is intended La-Quema-del-Diabloto ward off all uncleanness is done burning bonfires with trash or paper figures symbolizing devil evil.

The tradition is to take the older or worn things that are in the home; pretending to do a thorough cleaning in the home. Most Guatemalans burn newspapers together and used throughout the year . So much so that the next day pieces of paper are falling from the sky , the smell of smoke still present long after the morning. The sky turns gray at night, smoke from garbage, to the point that much of Guatemala starry sky is not looking. The party has been criticized by environmental groups who see it as a source of contamination and Protestant groups who consider unfounded worship the devil. Despite these criticisms, and advice of the government of Guatemala ‘s population continue this tradition which in a few hours ago pollution quadruple what you can do in a day .

312812_397653960312487_401445629_nProtestant groups are growing everyday because a lot of people is against the damage of the world. They usually use social media to do propaganda because its were the young people get the information most of the time.


its a facebook group where people comment and criticize the special event for guatemalan culture. they post pictures and try to make the people join them to grow in number, and make a concience in the population on what is happening in the planet.


it is a non profit organization, they just spend there free time posting and doing propaganda not to remoce the tradición but to celebrate it in a different way. Not burning and contamining the planet.


the well known company called “Pepsi” has a campaing algo un social media, giving adrices on how to celebrate the festivity without hurting the beautiful country and planet where we live.


Mariana Rodas

Photographs: Fernando Garcia


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