Salvadorans on the Web

In El Salvador, socia networking has become one of the important mediums of communication, not only for communicating between individuals, but for sharing the same identity and love we feel about our country.  The social networks have helped us to share the beauty of our country. I spoke on one of my previous post about how people saw El Salvador from an external perspective. One day I was speaking to this tourist from the States that I met before, and he was visiting for the first time my country.IMG_0166Speaking about how much he did like the things he saw in El Salvador, such as landscapes and beaches, even the city, he confessed me that before being interested in visiting my country, he thought that it consisted only on jungle and some towns… inside the jungle. After seeing some pictures on Facebook and Instagram of some people of El Salvador he learned that it did not consisted in some towns surrounded by a big jungle, he saw actually the beautifulness the country has inside. Cities, beaches, nice restaurants, and beautiful landscapes.  Social networks have not only help us to know us better between Salvadorans, it also serves us as a tool to let know many people from other countries that El Salvador is not only a country where you probably will get mugged the instant moment you get out of the airport when visiting. In fact, that is not likely to happen. 20140105_174842 Instagram, for example, is one of the most used social networks in my country. apart from friends, there are many accounts created with the purpose of sharing pictures of the most beautiful pictures of my country. accounts such as El Salvador Impressive is an example of this accounts that share and promote tourism in El Salvador. They also share some tour guides and tips. Our way of communicating has been evolving even more with the years, and our passion for sharing our love for our country will be always growing. Thanks to social networks we as Salvadorans have found a way to show the world the other side of the coin, what is the beauty hidden behind that mask of stereotypes. All the pictures above are from the most beautiful places of El Salvador, they are all been taken by me, and are shared on social networks as well. Talking about social networks, follow us on twitter @CitizensOTW_5 and become a citizen!


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