There is not a single festival on the whole Spain about which no one talks about in the social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even flickr receive posts, text and image nearly every second during these events. Those towns hose festivals are more popular even make contests to post the best photo, video or story about them. Specifically San Fermín, the festival that takes place in Pamplona (Navarra), is becoming more and more present on social media every year that passes by.

A lot of bloggers such as The Vagabond International have post about it. This blogger has travelled through Spain and Latin America and decided to stop in Pamplona to spend a few days on the worldwide known festival San Fermin. In this post A Foreigner’s Guide to San Fermin: A Few Wise Words before You Start Chugging Sangria she gives some tips on what to do, wear, eat and drink in order to not get lost in such a crowded event.

Owned by Ruben Albarrán

Owned by Ruben Albarrán

Instagram plays a very important role on to what San Fermin on the social media concerns. If you put the hashtag #sanfermin, 41.350 publications appear, and if you put #sanfermin2014, 7.099. It has even taken place a contest on San Fermin´s photos. The contest was held by the Spanish bank Santander and 954 photos were presented to it. The best among them according to the jury was “Enfilando la Estafeta” by Rubén Albarrán Beltrán that we can see on or right.

San Fermín has also its official Facebook page. Here, during the festivity all the events that take place during the nine days are posted, containing also information about the further year’s San Fermin festival.

San Fermin´s presence on twitter is something that worths mentioning. Apart from the hashtags, there are a lot of twitter accounts that talk exclusively about the festival. For example San Fermin Live is a very important one but there is also San Fermin and  San Fermin Info that have a lot of folowers.



  1. endlessvagabonding says:

    gracias por mencionar mi articulo 🙂 espero leer mas sobre vuestras aventuras en Espana.., hace casi tres meses desde que estoy alla y echo tanto de menos de Navarra! He vivido en Tudela, otra ciudad en Navarra, y he estado en sanfermines durante los ultimos cuatro años– me encantan!

    Thanks for mentioning my article! I hope to read more about your adventures in Spain/ Navarre… it’s been about three months since I’ve been there and I miss Navarre so much! I used to live in Tudela, which is about an hour south of Pamplona. I’ve been in San Fermin the past four years– I just love it!


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