With events like 15 thousand torches lit places and locations that will tour the country, the hoisting of the national flag, a festival and a ceremony headed by President Otto Pérez Molina, Guatemalan get ready to commemorate the 193 anniversary of the independence. caminata

The celebration for the Day of the Fatherland began Sunday when a popular celebration is held in the Constitution Square, center of the capital, and will close the evening with a civic ceremony attended by the President and Vice President.

On Monday 15 September the ruling, accompanied by Cabinet officials, military officers and members of the diplomatic corps installed from one at the main entrance of the National Palace of Culture, the traditional parade of school bands scenario.
The authorities of the Standing Committee of the National Independence Celebrations, chaired by the Ministry of the Interior (MINGOB) organized civic celebrations for the anniversary in which the country is imagesdecked.

After the rehearsal, Sunday patriotic celebration activities conducted at 8:00 pm in the Plaza del Obelisco for lighting torches.

President Pérez Molina and vice Baldetti light in the Constitution Square fire cauldron, where about 15,000 torches schools, neighborhoods and communities of the interior light.

The leaders  then participated in the solemn Te Deum Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral and from the balcony of the National Palace of Culture witness the raising of the flag that is in charge of cadets Knights of the Polytechnic School.

On September 15, the civic parade  made against the National Palace, with the participation of 80 school bands, which will end the celebration of the 193 Years of Independence Guatemala the Spanish Crown.

guatemala-independencia-300x224Meanwhile, in the Patio de la Paz’s Old Government House an employers fair  performed with the display of a carousel, the Ferris wheel and sweets accompanied by two marimba groups who performed tunes like Railway high.

Guatemala celebrated in 2014 the 193 anniversary of the indepence and it was important for every citizen. it meant freedom for everyone.


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