VENEZUELA & BASEBALL – Topic of 2014

We already talked about how Venezuelans situation is probably the most known news about the country in the pasts years, but we will not talk about it again instead we will talk about Venezuelan Baseball since it is also a ranging subject since the season for this year has started!

There are many things that make up culture. Music, dances, food and also sports. Usually people think that in Latin American countries what is most important in sports is soccer, which in some way, it is true. In Venezuela soccer takes a lot of importance and is very cultural but even more than soccer there is baseball. To give an example, to those who know how important football (Futbol Americano) is to the United States, that’s how important baseball is to Venezuela.


On the left the Magallanes Logo and on the right the Leones Logo. Picture owned by: Toonspot

Baseball in Venezuela is huge. It is the number one topic now and probably holds that standard always. Venezuelan baseball players are one of the best. In Venezuela there are two main baseball teams: Los Leones and Los Magallanes. Los Leones is the team of Caracas, which is Venezuelan’s capital. Los Magallanes are from Valencia. These two are the main baseball teams in Venezuela.


Luis Aparicio. Picture owned by: SiBCI

Our teams have won several of the Caribbean Series. In the Baseball World Cup they won la Serie Mundial de Aficionados in 1942 and many more.  They also won in the baseball tournament at the Pan American Games.

Some of the greatest figures in Venezuelan baseball are: Alfonso Carrasquel, Ceasar Tóvar, Andres Galagarra and Luis Aparicio (who made it to the National Baseball Wall of Fame).

Right now, the 2014-2015 season games are taking place. So Venezuelans are very up to date with the games that are going on right now. The team plays nearly every day from now to December. There are hundreds of tweets going out every single game and posts on Facebook of the excited fans. People are excited, baseball is back!

Venezuela comes alive when baseball season starts.

Baseball. Venezuelans pride. 


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