Lake Coatepeque

Today I am talking about my favorite place in the world. and it is about Lake Coatepeque. Lake Coatepeque has been my favorite place from all the places I´ve been in my life since I was a kid, and I think no other place will never overcome that lake for many reasons. Today´s blog will be divided in 3 parts: what is Lake Coatepeque, tourism and vacations in Lake Coatepeque, and my own personal experience. So, lets get started.IMG_0127

What is Lake Coatepeque.

As some of you may know, El Salvador, as well as the other countries in Central America, has a volcanic land. Volcanoes in El Salvador exist since many centuries on the past and they are still an important part of the country. El Salvador itself has an estimate number of 23 volcanoes, but only a small amount of them are actually active volcanoes. The most important and recognized in El Salvador are San Salvador, which is in the capital of the country, Santa Ana, Izalco, and Chaparrastique, which is actually in a mild process of eruption of ash and rocks.

Lake Coatepeque formed from the series of explosive eruptions around 57,000 years ago, Coatepeque was once a volcano forming part of the group of volcanoes in the Santa Ana department consisting of the Santa Ana, Izalco, and what is now Lake Coatepeque. It is located in the Coatepeque municipality of Santa Ana, it is 26 square kilometers large, being one of the largest lakes of El Salvador. Coatepeque has one island on its southern part called the Teopan Island.

Tourism and Vacations on the lake.

Lake Coatepeque is considered one of the most important touristic attractions of the country because of its beautifulness and the variety of recreational activities that can be done while visiting including waterskiing, wake boarding, jet ski riding, boat tours, paragliding, between others.


This is me wake boarding in Coatepeque.

Coatepeque can be visited always and in any season of the country, since in Central America there is only two seasons, summer and winter. The lake has houses on the most part of its coast. There is the chance to rent a house for a vacation or stay on one of the hotels located on the lake.

The lake is visited mostly on summer, owners of beach houses on the surroundings of the lake go to stay for summer vacation, normally about one or two weeks. On the first week of august, people visit the lake for the whole week. On the lake one can decide whatever to do from waterskiing or riding a boat with friends. On the last years, in August week, parties, barbecues, and other activities were organized for the people to assist and have a good time.

Lake Coatepeque is listed #2 of 27 touristic attractions on TripAdvisor rated with 4.5 stars and 231 reviews. this place is, without doubt, a most when visiting El Salvador.


My Personal Experience

as I said before, Coatepeque has been my favorite place from all those I´ve been and I think no place I visit in the future will overcome it. There are many reasons why I can say this, on of those reasons is that it is very easy for me to visit it because it is 45 minutes in car away from my home and my family owns a house on the border of the lake. Second is that since I was a kid I always loved to go and just to stay in there, and I still do.

I have been visiting the lake for many years and doing all kinds of recreational stuff that can me practiced on the lake, including wakeboard, which I started to practice as a sport for about 2 years. The  lake is for me just the perfect place to have a good time, with friends and family in a friendly environment full of fun. I have always liked spending time with family in the lake, and its very fun and relaxing at the same time. It is for me a very meaningful place.


All the pictures have been taken by myself.


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