Last April 1, took place the 75th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War. Maybe it was not the most celebrated day this year; however the war caused a strong impact on Spain, not only culturally but politically, socially and economically. This is the reason why this date must be remembered once in a while and should be mentioned, at least, on the 75th anniversary pf its ending.

Seeing the political division that the II Republic was having at that time, part of the army agreed to do a coup d’état that finally took place the night of July 17 to 18 of 1936. This action led into a war, that lasted for three years (from July 17 of 1936 to April 1 of 1939), between the people that were in favor of the coup (called nationals) and those who supported the State (called republicans).

Image owned by Info Guerra Civil

Image owned by Info Guerra Civil

The disunity on the republican’s side led into disaster and on April 1 of 1939, Fernando Fernández de Córdoba proclaimed the victory of the nationals on Spain´s National Radio whith this message “Today, being captive and unarmed the Red Army, national troops have reached their last military objectives. War is over”. The document that he red was signed by Francisco Franco, who became dictator of the country from that date until his death on November 20 of 1975.

The war led 268.000 deaths taking on account warriors, international militias and civils on both sides. This is one of the reasons why the Civil War is considered the worst disaster on Spain’s history of the XX century, also the dictatorship that came afterwards was based on oppression, fear and death for the non-supporters of the leading party, which considered itself as fascist.

The 1st of April of 1939 meant the end of a war but also the begging of a regime based on despotism that finally ended on 1975 with Franco´s death and the instauration of democracy with Adolfo Suarez.


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