It seems impossible to recap everything that a country’s culture entails in just a couple of blog posts. Venezuelan culture is so rich that not even a book could express it. You have to live it. Even though it is not like going to the country itself and experiencing it, hopefully this blog helped in the understanding of a whole new world. I hope these posts have given an idea of what is Venezuela.

First the blog started out with the idea that we needed to show the world what other cultures and places had to offer. That the boundaries of our everyday lives that we live in should be opened up and see what has never been seen before.

The first post consisted of telling people what I was going to write about and why I chose to write about it. Here I talked a little about where I come from and what inspired me to write about it.

The second post was already about the most famous holiday in Venezuela, carnavales (The Floating Holiday) and the several case studies that have been made about this carnival.

In the third post I provided many outside resources that would help more in the understudying of the Venezuelan culture. Some talked about the political situation and how it affected culture and others talked about the festivals and typical parties. Overall these sources covered the political, cultural and historical content of Venezuela.

Owned by: Teresa Sosa domingo

Owned by: Teresa Sosa domingo

After talking about events and historical facts, it was time to talk about people. The fourth post talks about a very prominent character in Venezuelan literature: Teresa de la Parra and one of her most famous books: Memorias mamá blanca.

Bg8afInCMAA3Lw7As it may have been known before reading this next post, Venezuela is going through some really hard political times at this time which is really affecting the culture and the people. The fifth post covers the political situation in Venezuela. It does not only talk about how this topic is rampant through the media  but also how the government has completely taken away the freedom of media/expression.

Baseball season. This is also when Venezuela’s passion, like in the carnavales, goes rampant. This sixth post talks about how baseball is the number one topic right now in Venezuela, especially since the season is just starting up. It covers the main two baseball teams and how it is such a huge part of Venezuelan culture.

Owned by: elchiguirebipolar

Owned by: elchiguirebipolar

I hope this blog has fulfilled its purpose in showing how important it is to look beyond our comfort zone. It has been a pleasure sharing the cultural world Venezuela has and I hope that it has made you want to not only find out more about other places but that it also makes you want to go and see all that this world has to offer.


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