In today´s blog I will try to make a recapitulation of all my previous posts and comment on this wonderful experience I had sharing all this information about my country.

On the first blog post I described which, where, and how my country is, I talked about how it was recognized around the world and compared those ideas to the reality El Salvador is living in the present. There are many problems surrounding El Salvador at the moment. Political corruption, high criminality, beyond many other major problems El Salvador has, I tried to explain how are they being handled, and also, the other face of my country that can be seen from another perspective, a beautiful country with beautiful people and places. I also talked somethings about myself for you to know me better. The first blog served as an introductory post for my blog section of Citizens of the World.

On my second blog post I talked about All Souls Day celebrated in El Salvador on the 1st of November, and how this topic is related with me and my family, the personal connection I have on this tradition of my culture. First I described what All Souls Day is about and how is celebrated with my family, I also explained why this celebration is one of my favorites within all the celebrations and festivities we have in El Salvador, I told that besides spending a good time with my family, All Souls Day is characterized by that special food it is only eaten once a year and is wonderful, because its delicious.

My third post on this blog I talked about the important online sources that can be visited online to get some other information about the topic and also to know about tourism. This post was the shortest one, mainly because it is only the citation of other websites that can help you know better about the country.

Magico gnzalezIn the fourth post I explained the importance of one of the biggest and significant characters on El Salvador, El Mágico Gonzalez, a Salvadorian football player who had a great success in the sport and represented his country by playing on important european teams. Being recognized and catching the attention of great football teams such as FC Barcelona, he had a significant importance to the country and can be recognized as one of the symbols that identifies El Salvador.

In the following post I explained how the topic of the blog is represented on the social media, and in the last post, the one of the past week, I talked about what I think is the best topic for 2014, which is the meaning of Lago de Coatepeque for me and for the country, besides its tradition of visiting it on certain months of the year, such as august, when the lake is most visited by house owners by tradition.IMG_0756

So I hope this blog helped you all to know better about the different cultures among the different countries around the world that identify us because they have a great significance for all. Hope you have learned a lot from our stories and experiences in Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain, and the United States!



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