Dear readers,

This is not a good bye but a see you later. I don`t know you guys but I had a great time telling about my beautiful country Guatemala. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did this blog and in the future I will continue writting more facts or telling about more traditions. I am going to do a little recap of the posts, so if anyone didn`t have the chance to read them all now you will have an idea of what was about.


The first post was really simple, I explained where Guatemala is located, a little about the culture and why is it so important for me.

1 de noviembre

On the second post I wrote about the festivity of the 1st of november, tomorrow, each year the families go to the cementary to visit the deads and in some towns they but  giant kites in the sky. After this we eat fiambre, it is the tradition to make it the day before and in the day all the family comes together and eats.

Searching more information about Guatemala?

The third week was about more blogs you can use to search more information about Guatemala and also a fun fact that Tikal, the mayan ruins, were mentioned as the most amaizing in the world.

Tecun Uman

Week four was about Tecun Uman and his story of how he became a hero after fighting the spanish army that wanted control in Guatemala.

La quema del diablo

The fifht weekly post was about La Quema del Diablo, devils burning, and the organizations that are forming to prevent this festivity because of the contamination to the world.

Dia de la independencia

And last but not least the independence day, 15th of september, and I wrote about how we celebrate it and what it is done around the country.

Than you to all the readers and followers we appreciate the time we spent together.

See you later,

Ana Isabel Garcia



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