A happy ending

Hi there! Today I’m writing my last post. That’s why I’m going through the ones I have been writing in this two months. We will remember some of the traditional events I wrote about and moreover I will explain a little more about my experiences.

In my first post I told you about my personal connection with this topic. I have been in six different states and every single place I visited is more impressive. The population of the U.S is made up by the diversity of different cultures, there is people of everywhere around the world. Freedom and respect are some important quality’s that this country defends. I remember being surprise because of this when I was there. People don’t care where are you from, they find it amazing and they used to ask me questions about my country and Europe. The language was not a problem, almost everywhere you could find someone able to speak in Spanish due to the amount of Spaniards from Centre and South America.

In my second post I wrote about two really interesting webpages. The first one was the holiday spot and the other the time and day calendar. Both of them contain a lot of information about important celebrations in United States: what they use to do, the history of the event… etc.

In the third post you can find information about the fourth of July, also known as the Independence Day, a really important date for the country. It meant the freedom of Americans. This independence from Great Britain occurred in 1776 and has been celebrated every year since then. They use to do different activities that are explained in the post.

The fourth one is about George Washington and his connection with thanksgiving I wrote about common meals and activities to do in this date and also the background of the celebration, its origins… etc.

In post number five I wrote about an organization that has a lot of presence in social media. It’s known as Austin friends of traditional music and appeared in 1974 with the purpose of encouraging performance and appreciation of traditional music.

Finally, in the last one, there is a description of Halloween in the US, his back ground and the main differences that it has with this event in Spain.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts; I did them the best I could. Thanks for reading and being by my side in this weeks of hard work.


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