Hi, my name is Ana Isabel Garcia. Born and raised in Guatemala, located in Central America. I`m 20 years old, starting my first year in Universidad de Navarra; lucky to have this big opportunity of studying abroad. Im writting to tell the world a little bit of my home country and let them know how pretty it is, please if you have any questions, comments, criticism, ask me; I will gladly answer you.

I am Iraida Bethencourt, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Because of the country’s situation my family and I moved to the United States a couple of years ago and there, found a second home. A couple of years later, I find myself in Spain doing my studies in the University of Navarra. I realize what great experiences I have had throughout my life living and adjusting to these different countries, but in this blog I will share the experiences from the country that raised me: Venezuela.

Hello! I am Edurne Larumbe and I was born and raised in Pamplona, Spain. Through the years I have travelled around my country and I have seen the different traditions that this ancient country has. Here I will write about this different traditions that my country has. Hope you enjoy it!

Hi, my name is Ana Jordán. I’m from Pamplona, Spain but since I was a little girl my parents took me on holidays to different countries around the world. Even though, I decided to be in charge of United States because apart from Spain it is the only place in which I have been living .  I thought that my experiences being a member of two different American host families could be interesting for the topic. I will explain you their most important events, what is the tradition about and what they use to do. Feel free to ask, comment or suggest in any of my post. Thanks for visiting.

Hi, my name is Fernando Gonzalez and I am 18 years old. I was born in El Salvador, a small country in Central America, where I lived my entire life until this year, when I moved over to Spain to study at Universidad de Navarra. I am hoping to show you what I think they are the most beautiful things of my country, and also hoping to learn other things about the different cultures that surround me. Enjoy!

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