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This is not a good bye but a see you later. I don`t know you guys but I had a great time telling about my beautiful country Guatemala. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did this blog and in the future I will continue writting more facts or telling about more traditions. I am going to do a little recap of the posts, so if anyone didn`t have the chance to read them all now you will have an idea of what was about.


The first post was really simple, I explained where Guatemala is located, a little about the culture and why is it so important for me.

1 de noviembre

On the second post I wrote about the festivity of the 1st of november, tomorrow, each year the families go to the cementary to visit the deads and in some towns they but  giant kites in the sky. After this we eat fiambre, it is the tradition to make it the day before and in the day all the family comes together and eats.

Searching more information about Guatemala?

The third week was about more blogs you can use to search more information about Guatemala and also a fun fact that Tikal, the mayan ruins, were mentioned as the most amaizing in the world.

Tecun Uman

Week four was about Tecun Uman and his story of how he became a hero after fighting the spanish army that wanted control in Guatemala.

La quema del diablo

The fifht weekly post was about La Quema del Diablo, devils burning, and the organizations that are forming to prevent this festivity because of the contamination to the world.

Dia de la independencia

And last but not least the independence day, 15th of september, and I wrote about how we celebrate it and what it is done around the country.

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With events like 15 thousand torches lit places and locations that will tour the country, the hoisting of the national flag, a festival and a ceremony headed by President Otto Pérez Molina, Guatemalan get ready to commemorate the 193 anniversary of the independence. caminata

The celebration for the Day of the Fatherland began Sunday when a popular celebration is held in the Constitution Square, center of the capital, and will close the evening with a civic ceremony attended by the President and Vice President.

On Monday 15 September the ruling, accompanied by Cabinet officials, military officers and members of the diplomatic corps installed from one at the main entrance of the National Palace of Culture, the traditional parade of school bands scenario.
The authorities of the Standing Committee of the National Independence Celebrations, chaired by the Ministry of the Interior (MINGOB) organized civic celebrations for the anniversary in which the country is imagesdecked.

After the rehearsal, Sunday patriotic celebration activities conducted at 8:00 pm in the Plaza del Obelisco for lighting torches.

President Pérez Molina and vice Baldetti light in the Constitution Square fire cauldron, where about 15,000 torches schools, neighborhoods and communities of the interior light.

The leaders  then participated in the solemn Te Deum Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral and from the balcony of the National Palace of Culture witness the raising of the flag that is in charge of cadets Knights of the Polytechnic School.

On September 15, the civic parade  made against the National Palace, with the participation of 80 school bands, which will end the celebration of the 193 Years of Independence Guatemala the Spanish Crown.

guatemala-independencia-300x224Meanwhile, in the Patio de la Paz’s Old Government House an employers fair  performed with the display of a carousel, the Ferris wheel and sweets accompanied by two marimba groups who performed tunes like Railway high.

Guatemala celebrated in 2014 the 193 anniversary of the indepence and it was important for every citizen. it meant freedom for everyone.


“La Quema del Diablo” is a magical – religious celebration Guatemalan . Its origin seems to be much more legendary than real and is based in Concepción party . It takes place every December 7 , at 18 am .


Since this date is exactly nine months of memorial Birth of the Virgin Mary and coincides with the celebration of the advent of the birth of Christ in a spiritual clean that through the trash symbol is intended La-Quema-del-Diabloto ward off all uncleanness is done burning bonfires with trash or paper figures symbolizing devil evil.

The tradition is to take the older or worn things that are in the home; pretending to do a thorough cleaning in the home. Most Guatemalans burn newspapers together and used throughout the year . So much so that the next day pieces of paper are falling from the sky , the smell of smoke still present long after the morning. The sky turns gray at night, smoke from garbage, to the point that much of Guatemala starry sky is not looking. The party has been criticized by environmental groups who see it as a source of contamination and Protestant groups who consider unfounded worship the devil. Despite these criticisms, and advice of the government of Guatemala ‘s population continue this tradition which in a few hours ago pollution quadruple what you can do in a day .

312812_397653960312487_401445629_nProtestant groups are growing everyday because a lot of people is against the damage of the world. They usually use social media to do propaganda because its were the young people get the information most of the time.


its a facebook group where people comment and criticize the special event for guatemalan culture. they post pictures and try to make the people join them to grow in number, and make a concience in the population on what is happening in the planet.


it is a non profit organization, they just spend there free time posting and doing propaganda not to remoce the tradición but to celebrate it in a different way. Not burning and contamining the planet.


the well known company called “Pepsi” has a campaing algo un social media, giving adrices on how to celebrate the festivity without hurting the beautiful country and planet where we live.


Mariana Rodas

Photographs: Fernando Garcia


  • 1. Guatemala means the “land of Trees” in a Mayan tongue. It still has the largest protected tree reserves in all of Central America
  • 2. The official Language of Guatemala is Spanish. However there are still many native tribes that speak their native tongue
  • 3. The official CURRENCY of Guatemala is the Quetzal. There are many money exchanges that you can get great deals from as you cross the border. Also any major bank will trade for local currency but the US dollar is accepted there.
  • 4. The Capitol city of Guatemala is Guatemala City. The City has over 5 million residents making it one of the most populated cities in Guatemala
  • 5. Guatemala has the largest collection of UNESCO heritage sites in Latin America, Antiguan, Archeological Park, the ruins of Quirigua, and the National Park of Tikal
  • 6. The highest mountain in Guatemala is the Tajamulco volcano it has an altitude above 4500 meters or 14000 ft.
  • 7. The national flag of Guatemala with two separate blue strips and a national coat of arms in the middle the strips represent two bodies of water. The national coat of arms is in respect to the first official leaders of Guatemala.
  • 8. There are about 21 different varieties of original Mayan languages still spoken in Guatemala today. With such a large language gap many of the papers needed for business are translated regularly.
  • 9. Guatemala is ground zero for chocolate they invented the first chocolate bar during Mayan Times
  • 10. Guatemala is where Blue Denim was created for the first time aka BLUE JEANS. They soon became an international hit with Levis and other companies taken notices
  • 11. The Mayan culture was rich in MATHEMATICAL computations they first created the concept of Zero. The concept of zero was foreign to many advanced cultures in mathematics. Many archeologist think that ancient cultures shared a common mathematical teacher and are still unsure where they get it.
  • 12. There is of course modern legend that Mayan babies don’t cry. Where this legend cam was that every baby born was a warrior.
  • 13. Guatemala is the largest and most populous Latin America country. Many of the people living in Guatemala are poor rural farmers. The government is establishing many polices and procedure to improve the living standards of many people



The word “ Tecún Umán” comes from Quiché, wich is located in the northoccident part of Guatemala. They talk a language called k`iche`. Great warrior  and last mandatarium of the mayan quiches. During the conquer pf spain in Guatemala Tecún was defeated by Pedro de Alvarado in the valley of “El Pinal”.

NATIONAL HERO 6050134902_746d52d8da_b

It is considered the most representative of the K’iche ‘for his bravery and dignity because he fought and protected his land and his people. It was officially declared a national hero of Guatemala on March 22, 1960 and is commemorated on February 20, the anniversary of his death. Wearing a headdress adorned with feathers beautifully Quetzal. This is described by the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado in his chronicles of conquest and this was the basis for which he was awarded subsequently the name of Quetzaltenango city founded by the Spaniards near the site of the battle, as mentioned by the Conqueror in his letters.

The story about the battle of the Quiche prince against the Spanish invasion suffered a mystification, the legend of the hero quiche that after resisting it fiercely troops in Xelajú Alvarado Spanish conquistador  met face to face in battle himself with Pedro de Alvarado. Tecun Uman thrust his spear into the horse’s chest. Tecun, after getting killed with a sword steel  chieftain at heart. The legend tells that a Quetzal landed on his blood and there is red on the bird’s chest. The “myth” grew over 400 years of colonization and was hailed as a symbol of liberty for conspiracy to independence.

Tecun Uman is know the face of the spanish war against the mayans, fighting for territory and empire. It is so important that they named a town near Mexico with his name and different sculptures are located all arouend the country. Usually in the 20th of february in schools little kids do th penacho that he wore, made with the quetzal feather but made with fake feathers, and here is a show representing the battle.



2952.story_x_largeThere is not only one blog talking about Guatemala or Guatemalan traditions, if you are interested on learning more about our culture, I welcome you to review this blogs or websites to inform you.

“Guate en 360º”

Guate en 360º is a blog that talks and explains many traditions, recipes, common guatemalan words; it will lead you to many other blogs of the same toipic as well.  It is not specific with one tradición only, but it has many traditions explained in a general way, explaining superficially what each one is about and its importance to the country.

” Moving around Guatemala”

From the city to the outside`s little towns around Guatemala. Many places and each one with their own culture and unique traditions. this website talks about 4 diferente towns: Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Totonicapan and Huehuetenango, so you will not only learn about the city but from different places and cultures.


” Turansa”

Do you know the specific dates for this traditions I have talked about? I guess you don’t but don`t worry, because this link will tell you the most important festivities and when they are celebrated. It will also talk a little bit more about each one of them explaining the general idea of each one of them. It also has some help in case you decide to travel here and see what I have talked about and undertand better. Some tours, the most interesting tour of Guatemala, are also posted here so you can check them and see what a beautiful country this is.

” Inguat”

Inguat is the principle website for the tourism in Guatemala. It is managed by the government and the minister of tourism. Their purpose is to teach people around the world, show them how pretty it is, tell the world Guatemala is not only the bad thing the media talks about. It has different categories: What the website is about, touristic help, contact number or email, news from Guatemala, and many other things. 42764329_sanjoseguatemala416 Well thank you for joining us one more week in citizens of the world, we hope you like this week posts and I reccomend you to start thinking on your next trip. photographs by : Fernando Garcia Ana Isabel Garcia