In today´s blog I will try to make a recapitulation of all my previous posts and comment on this wonderful experience I had sharing all this information about my country.

On the first blog post I described which, where, and how my country is, I talked about how it was recognized around the world and compared those ideas to the reality El Salvador is living in the present. There are many problems surrounding El Salvador at the moment. Political corruption, high criminality, beyond many other major problems El Salvador has, I tried to explain how are they being handled, and also, the other face of my country that can be seen from another perspective, a beautiful country with beautiful people and places. I also talked somethings about myself for you to know me better. The first blog served as an introductory post for my blog section of Citizens of the World.

On my second blog post I talked about All Souls Day celebrated in El Salvador on the 1st of November, and how this topic is related with me and my family, the personal connection I have on this tradition of my culture. First I described what All Souls Day is about and how is celebrated with my family, I also explained why this celebration is one of my favorites within all the celebrations and festivities we have in El Salvador, I told that besides spending a good time with my family, All Souls Day is characterized by that special food it is only eaten once a year and is wonderful, because its delicious.

My third post on this blog I talked about the important online sources that can be visited online to get some other information about the topic and also to know about tourism. This post was the shortest one, mainly because it is only the citation of other websites that can help you know better about the country.

Magico gnzalezIn the fourth post I explained the importance of one of the biggest and significant characters on El Salvador, El Mágico Gonzalez, a Salvadorian football player who had a great success in the sport and represented his country by playing on important european teams. Being recognized and catching the attention of great football teams such as FC Barcelona, he had a significant importance to the country and can be recognized as one of the symbols that identifies El Salvador.

In the following post I explained how the topic of the blog is represented on the social media, and in the last post, the one of the past week, I talked about what I think is the best topic for 2014, which is the meaning of Lago de Coatepeque for me and for the country, besides its tradition of visiting it on certain months of the year, such as august, when the lake is most visited by house owners by tradition.IMG_0756

So I hope this blog helped you all to know better about the different cultures among the different countries around the world that identify us because they have a great significance for all. Hope you have learned a lot from our stories and experiences in Venezuela, Guatemala, Spain, and the United States!



Lake Coatepeque

Today I am talking about my favorite place in the world. and it is about Lake Coatepeque. Lake Coatepeque has been my favorite place from all the places I´ve been in my life since I was a kid, and I think no other place will never overcome that lake for many reasons. Today´s blog will be divided in 3 parts: what is Lake Coatepeque, tourism and vacations in Lake Coatepeque, and my own personal experience. So, lets get started.IMG_0127

What is Lake Coatepeque.

As some of you may know, El Salvador, as well as the other countries in Central America, has a volcanic land. Volcanoes in El Salvador exist since many centuries on the past and they are still an important part of the country. El Salvador itself has an estimate number of 23 volcanoes, but only a small amount of them are actually active volcanoes. The most important and recognized in El Salvador are San Salvador, which is in the capital of the country, Santa Ana, Izalco, and Chaparrastique, which is actually in a mild process of eruption of ash and rocks.

Lake Coatepeque formed from the series of explosive eruptions around 57,000 years ago, Coatepeque was once a volcano forming part of the group of volcanoes in the Santa Ana department consisting of the Santa Ana, Izalco, and what is now Lake Coatepeque. It is located in the Coatepeque municipality of Santa Ana, it is 26 square kilometers large, being one of the largest lakes of El Salvador. Coatepeque has one island on its southern part called the Teopan Island.

Tourism and Vacations on the lake.

Lake Coatepeque is considered one of the most important touristic attractions of the country because of its beautifulness and the variety of recreational activities that can be done while visiting including waterskiing, wake boarding, jet ski riding, boat tours, paragliding, between others.


This is me wake boarding in Coatepeque.

Coatepeque can be visited always and in any season of the country, since in Central America there is only two seasons, summer and winter. The lake has houses on the most part of its coast. There is the chance to rent a house for a vacation or stay on one of the hotels located on the lake.

The lake is visited mostly on summer, owners of beach houses on the surroundings of the lake go to stay for summer vacation, normally about one or two weeks. On the first week of august, people visit the lake for the whole week. On the lake one can decide whatever to do from waterskiing or riding a boat with friends. On the last years, in August week, parties, barbecues, and other activities were organized for the people to assist and have a good time.

Lake Coatepeque is listed #2 of 27 touristic attractions on TripAdvisor rated with 4.5 stars and 231 reviews. this place is, without doubt, a most when visiting El Salvador.


My Personal Experience

as I said before, Coatepeque has been my favorite place from all those I´ve been and I think no place I visit in the future will overcome it. There are many reasons why I can say this, on of those reasons is that it is very easy for me to visit it because it is 45 minutes in car away from my home and my family owns a house on the border of the lake. Second is that since I was a kid I always loved to go and just to stay in there, and I still do.

I have been visiting the lake for many years and doing all kinds of recreational stuff that can me practiced on the lake, including wakeboard, which I started to practice as a sport for about 2 years. The  lake is for me just the perfect place to have a good time, with friends and family in a friendly environment full of fun. I have always liked spending time with family in the lake, and its very fun and relaxing at the same time. It is for me a very meaningful place.


All the pictures have been taken by myself.

Salvadorans on the Web

In El Salvador, socia networking has become one of the important mediums of communication, not only for communicating between individuals, but for sharing the same identity and love we feel about our country.  The social networks have helped us to share the beauty of our country. I spoke on one of my previous post about how people saw El Salvador from an external perspective. One day I was speaking to this tourist from the States that I met before, and he was visiting for the first time my country.IMG_0166Speaking about how much he did like the things he saw in El Salvador, such as landscapes and beaches, even the city, he confessed me that before being interested in visiting my country, he thought that it consisted only on jungle and some towns… inside the jungle. After seeing some pictures on Facebook and Instagram of some people of El Salvador he learned that it did not consisted in some towns surrounded by a big jungle, he saw actually the beautifulness the country has inside. Cities, beaches, nice restaurants, and beautiful landscapes.  Social networks have not only help us to know us better between Salvadorans, it also serves us as a tool to let know many people from other countries that El Salvador is not only a country where you probably will get mugged the instant moment you get out of the airport when visiting. In fact, that is not likely to happen. 20140105_174842 Instagram, for example, is one of the most used social networks in my country. apart from friends, there are many accounts created with the purpose of sharing pictures of the most beautiful pictures of my country. accounts such as El Salvador Impressive is an example of this accounts that share and promote tourism in El Salvador. They also share some tour guides and tips. Our way of communicating has been evolving even more with the years, and our passion for sharing our love for our country will be always growing. Thanks to social networks we as Salvadorans have found a way to show the world the other side of the coin, what is the beauty hidden behind that mask of stereotypes. All the pictures above are from the most beautiful places of El Salvador, they are all been taken by me, and are shared on social networks as well. Talking about social networks, follow us on twitter @CitizensOTW_5 and become a citizen!

Jorge “Mágico” González

Born in El Salvador, in March 1958, Jorge “Mágico” Gonzalez is a Salvadorian famous footballer. Magico Gonzalez began his career in the year 1975 playing for a Salvadorian football club called ANTEL. because of his talent, Mágico Gonzalez is one of the most important personalities of El Salvador. He does not have a day to commemorate his talent or his achievements, but we as Salvadorians recognize him for having show the name of his country with his talent playing football.

Football in all around the world can be considered as a culture. It is one of the greatest sports in the world followed by such an incredible amount of people. Mágico González shows what is, for him, the significance of playing football with passion.

Because of his success driving El Salvador´s national football team head to the 1982 World Cup in Spain, being one of the few times El Salvador could classify to a world cup. El Salvador´s team protagonist on that world cup was not very good, the team got terribly defeated by the Hungary team, humiliating it. But Mágico didn’t drop his head down and by showing his good performance on the team even though they lost, he got the attention of great Spanish football teams such as Atlético de Madrid and Cádiz. He also played with FC Barcelona in a tour in the USA.

Jorge “Magico” Gonzalez became a great symbolic figure for El Salvador thanks for its international success, despite for his internal life problems. He got his name on one of the larges football stadiums in El Salvador as a monument.

Magico gnzalez

Other Sources

So today it will different. I will let you know about some of the best sources, apart for this one obviously, to know more about the culture of my country, El Salvador. This websites are mainly aimed to let know how festivities and other cultural traditions in El Salvador are realized, and also where they are realized.


Suchitoto is one of the most famous and important towns in El Salvador because of it´s history and touristic attraction. this website is dedicated completely to explain the importance of this town and to give an idea about the events that are made on there. It also shares part of their story, culture, traditions and festivals, and other important facts of the town such as their hymn and the story of the town´s shield.

Tourism in El Salvador

Tourism is one of the most important resources that my country has. In fact, El Salvador is a very beautiful country, and the touristic points are the most beautiful ones. This website will guide you through the best places in El Salvador, explaining about the importance, history, and best things to do there in relation to the traditions in El Salvador, and also how to get to these places.

Fernando Gonzalez

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All Souls Day!

As I said before, this blog is purposed mainly to show to you about the culture of my country, El Salvador. There is a broad amount of celebrations in El Salvador, some of them are celebrated in the whole country and some others are celebrated in some parts which are related to the celebration.
For example, there is one celebration called The San Miguel Carnival. This celebration is the festivity of San Miguel, one of the 14 departments of my country, and is only celebrated on that specific department.
On the other hand, there is one of the most important festivities in El Salvador and, in fact, is celebrated in the whole country. This festivity is called the All Souls Day, in spanish “Dia de los Santos Difuntos”, which I mentioned in my last post and I’d like to talk about it on this one.
Personally this is one of my favorite festivities in my country, and my favorites are not many. This festivity consists in visiting the graves of the deceased family in the cemeteries where they are buried, and prey for they souls. My family’s tradition is to visit the Santa Ana general cemetery. Santa Ana is another one of the 14 departments and it is a 45 minutes trip in car. After visiting all the graves and praying for all family, we have the tradition to go to my aunt’s house to have some food, and here comes one of the reasons why I like a lot this festivity, apart of being together in family, is the food, oh yes, that glorious kind of typical food you eat once a year, and it’s amazing. One of this one time a year snacks that I like the most are ojuelas. This candies are corn flakes in the form of thick rings covered in syrup, I just got hungry just thinking about them.

So, in conclusion, All Souls Day is one festivity that I like a lot between my favorites. Family, friends, delicious food, all together are the perfect combination for having a good time in El Salvador.

Fernando Gonzalez.

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I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, where I lived 18 years of my life after moving to Spain for my University Studies. El Salvador is a small country in Central America and it is one of the smallest of the whole continent with only 21,000 square kilometers and a population of 6.2 million people.

When I moved to study abroad in Spain I noticed that many people doesn´t know much about my country and its culture. Citizens

The Citizens of the World blog has the main purpose of giving acknowledgement to all the main cultural events on my country and how they are held.

The major part of the festivities held in El Salvador are about the saints which represent each department of the country and are held on that specific department, other events are, for example, the Day of All Souls (Dia de los Fieles Difuntos in Spanish) and the Independence day, which is one of the most important, obviously.

In this blog I will talk about the cultural importance and significance. Also I will explain in what places they are celebrated and why, and also, which of them I, personally, like the most.

Show things about my country to people who doesn´t know its one of the things I enjoy the most, as well as learning from others, like a good citizen of the world.

Fernando Gonzalez.