What makes a country special and unique is not its politics or geographic situation, it is culture. Culture is the identity of a country. Its festivals, gastronomy and even philosophy come from it. Spain for instance as it is one of the most antique countries of the world, has a high cultural variety that covers the first celtic and vasc settlements to the French invasion. This country in which I was born in offers very different cultural experiences and each one of them is worth having.

Since I was a little girl my parents used to take me to different points of the peninsula, so that I could see with my own eye that every single place of this old country has its own history and traditions being this diversity the main reason of its cultural beauty. These historical and cultural differences made me realize that also the festivals of each region had to be distinct, as is not the same the Celtic tradition that was arranged in what now we call Galicia to the Muslim culture one that for many centuries ruled in Andalucía.

Every region has its own tradition but probably the most-known Spanish festival around the world is the one that takes place in Pamplona, San Fermín. Its worldwide fame comes from the book “Fiesta” by Ernest Hemingway in which he describes its vacation here. The most famous activity of this peculiar festival is the “Encierro” also known as “the running of the bulls”, where people run along the streets of Pamplona with bulls behind them.

During my posts on Citizens Of The World I will be discussing the several festivals that take place in this varied county and its cultural backround.

Edurne Larumbe


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