As I mentioned on my other post, Spain has a lot of different festivals and customs according to the cultural diversity that it has had through history, however this singularity could be difficult to explain, that is why I have chosen three webpages that do it very well.

Each region of this ancient country has its own particular tradition and festival and all of them are gathered on the official Spain´s tourism webpage. Here you can find all the cultural activities that this wonderful country offers. This events are as different as the Pilar festivals in Saragossa,the mistery of Elche theatre or San José Fallas celebration in Valencia. It also has a very useful map that shows you the most important festivals, its location and information about them. This webpage also offers other kinds of tourism such as artistic or gastronomical.

Another webpage that also contains a lot of information about the different festivals that take place in Spain is Marca españa. However, this webpage, which also belongs to the state, is more general, it mentions the most-known festivals and traditions along the country. That is the reason why it is perfect for someone that wants to know a bit of every region but doesn’t have time to take a deep look on each of them. It also talks about other fields of the Spanish culture apart from the festivals such as social inclusion or history.

Spanish fiestas is the perfect site for a foreigner to get to know the different festivals that take place in Spain each month. As I said the events are monthly classified so the tourist can arrange its trip depending on the time of the year that he or she is planning to go. It also describes each festival very accurately and gives advises on where to sleep or eat during the tourist’s stay in that concrete city.

Edrurne Larumbe


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