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So today it will different. I will let you know about some of the best sources, apart for this one obviously, to know more about the culture of my country, El Salvador. This websites are mainly aimed to let know how festivities and other cultural traditions in El Salvador are realized, and also where they are realized.


Suchitoto is one of the most famous and important towns in El Salvador because of it´s history and touristic attraction. this website is dedicated completely to explain the importance of this town and to give an idea about the events that are made on there. It also shares part of their story, culture, traditions and festivals, and other important facts of the town such as their hymn and the story of the town´s shield.

Tourism in El Salvador

Tourism is one of the most important resources that my country has. In fact, El Salvador is a very beautiful country, and the touristic points are the most beautiful ones. This website will guide you through the best places in El Salvador, explaining about the importance, history, and best things to do there in relation to the traditions in El Salvador, and also how to get to these places.

Fernando Gonzalez

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useful webpages

 This week I have found some interesting webpages and thought it would be a good idea to post about them. They contain a lot of information about important dates in United States. What they use to do, eat, sing even poems to print and suggestions for presents.

  1. The holidays spot:

        It is a guide for events and holidays where you can find everything. There is a calendar with all holidays round year and it notifies upcoming events. Nowadays united states is going through the Oktoberfest’s, a festival that won’t finish until October the 5th.Drinking beer is the principal activity of this celebration that started two centuries ago in Germany and now is celebrated by some people on this location.

        In the section of favorites there are the most popular events. I liked specially the explanation of Christmas that contains some videos of the celebration in New York City. It also includes some delicious recipes that will surprise your family in these lovely days and a lot of ideas for personalized gifts, parties, decorations… etc.

        For the most romantic people you can easily find something sweet to say to your lovers by clicking on the word valentine’s day. One example is the 100 reasons why I love you. For the friendship day you can plan out a wonderful day or send an email greeting card. These and a lot more is available on the webpage which I absolutely recommend.

  1. Time and date calendar

        For the most organized people this webpage offers the opportunity of creating a personal calendar.  It is a webpage in which you can get information about the weather, local time and other many interesting things in any country around the world. It contains this calendar that I have mention and that I think will be really useful for people interested in special events. You can select your country, in this case united states and personalized the whole calendar. There will appear the different events and the explanations of them, what they usually do depending of the country you selected.

For more information about this topic see major hollidays and festivals in America.

Ana Jordán Sanz


There are many websites that describe Venezuelan culture and their festivals but there are a few main ones that not only tell the reader what the culture is but why it is that way considering the people, government and even climate within it. Most of the sources about Venezuela talk about its political situation and struggles in the modern times. I have picked three main sources that talk about culture but do not ignore the present corrupted political situation so some of them may include some political background. I have added this because it is crucial to understand the countries happenings in order to appreciate what goes on within it. These are the three main sources I found most helpful:

1. Every Culture, Venezuela

This website covers a lot of what Venezuelan culture is about. It not only talks about the normal tradition and cultures but covers much of what happens in the country overall. This is very useful because it can explain why certain things are done and also because the website is formatted in a very simple way. The explanations are short, simple and are able to cover the most important events happening in the country.

2. Information Venezuela

This is a website that contains fourteen pages of historical background and traditions that have been going for years. This website should be read by those who really want to gain a deep understanding of Venezuelan history. As I said in my first post, understanding history is understanding tradition, so it is important to also follow up on what has been happening in a country from its foundation to the modern time. Whoever wants to go deeper into political history and understand the Venezuelan culture through it should visit this website.

3. Culture and Tradition 

The last two sources have covered both cultural and historical background, but this one is focused solely on what events happen in Venezuela, when and why. It is a very nice website to visit in order to figure out very fast what an event is about and how it is usually celebrated. It even has pictures to show what it looks like to be in the middle of a Venezuelan event. It offers in specific: festivals, feasts and carnivals for each month.

I hope you enjoy reading these websites that will give you a deeper insight not only to the culture and events, but the reasoning and history behind them. Enjoy!


2952.story_x_largeThere is not only one blog talking about Guatemala or Guatemalan traditions, if you are interested on learning more about our culture, I welcome you to review this blogs or websites to inform you.

“Guate en 360º”

Guate en 360º is a blog that talks and explains many traditions, recipes, common guatemalan words; it will lead you to many other blogs of the same toipic as well.  It is not specific with one tradición only, but it has many traditions explained in a general way, explaining superficially what each one is about and its importance to the country.

” Moving around Guatemala”

From the city to the outside`s little towns around Guatemala. Many places and each one with their own culture and unique traditions. this website talks about 4 diferente towns: Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Totonicapan and Huehuetenango, so you will not only learn about the city but from different places and cultures.


” Turansa”

Do you know the specific dates for this traditions I have talked about? I guess you don’t but don`t worry, because this link will tell you the most important festivities and when they are celebrated. It will also talk a little bit more about each one of them explaining the general idea of each one of them. It also has some help in case you decide to travel here and see what I have talked about and undertand better. Some tours, the most interesting tour of Guatemala, are also posted here so you can check them and see what a beautiful country this is.

” Inguat”

Inguat is the principle website for the tourism in Guatemala. It is managed by the government and the minister of tourism. Their purpose is to teach people around the world, show them how pretty it is, tell the world Guatemala is not only the bad thing the media talks about. It has different categories: What the website is about, touristic help, contact number or email, news from Guatemala, and many other things. 42764329_sanjoseguatemala416 Well thank you for joining us one more week in citizens of the world, we hope you like this week posts and I reccomend you to start thinking on your next trip. photographs by : Fernando Garcia Ana Isabel Garcia


As I mentioned on my other post, Spain has a lot of different festivals and customs according to the cultural diversity that it has had through history, however this singularity could be difficult to explain, that is why I have chosen three webpages that do it very well.

Each region of this ancient country has its own particular tradition and festival and all of them are gathered on the official Spain´s tourism webpage. Here you can find all the cultural activities that this wonderful country offers. This events are as different as the Pilar festivals in Saragossa,the mistery of Elche theatre or San José Fallas celebration in Valencia. It also has a very useful map that shows you the most important festivals, its location and information about them. This webpage also offers other kinds of tourism such as artistic or gastronomical.

Las Fallas de Valencia

Image by viajero turismo

Another webpage that also contains a lot of information about the different festivals that take place in Spain is Marca españa. However, this webpage, which also belongs to the state, is more general, it mentions the most-known festivals and traditions along the country. That is the reason why it is perfect for someone that wants to know a bit of every region but doesn’t have time to take a deep look on each of them. It also talks about other fields of the Spanish culture apart from the festivals such as social inclusion or history.

Spanish fiestas is the perfect site for a foreigner to get to know the different festivals that take place in Spain each month. As I said the events are monthly classified so the tourist can arrange its trip depending on the time of the year that he or she is planning to go. It also describes each festival very accurately and gives advises on where to sleep or eat during the tourist’s stay in that concrete city.

Edrurne Larumbe